Speech Correction

Speech Correction Therapy Center for Deaf and Dumb

Our Speech Correction Centre caters services to Hearing Challenged. It is run by experts and experienced teachers in the field.

And it is fully equipped with all the modern amenities.

The center also provides Counseling and Guidance for Parents.

Number of beneficiaries we plan to cover in the year 2014-2015: 75



  • Able to transform more than 2600 Lives through computer training and skill development activities.
  • Successful in running science promotion programs among 4700 school children and 450 women.
  • Free homeopathic treatment to 3500 patients.
  • Enabling 135 children to improve speech through our Speech Correction Centre.
  • Guidance and awareness programmes to 600 Adolescent children.
  • Non formal education to1550 kids to improve learning skills.