Health And Wellness

Health and Wellness

1. Homoeopathic Dispensary at Pune and Dighi With the help of experienced Homoeopath members, Free Dispensaries are run to help the poor and needy women and children. Due to their dedication and sincere efforts the number of beneficiaries is increasing day by day. In addition to medicines, Doctors at BNP, provide full moral support to the families of patients having serious health problems. Special efforts are taken to get expert advice.

2. Counseling for career guidance, family problems, financial solutions, service selection and others is done by our experienced team and provide great relief to many members of young and old generation.

We are proud to say that due to timely intervention by our counselor, lives of at least 5 persons have been saved.

3. The organization conducts medical checkup for children, housewives and gives complete guidance for cure. Many serious cases are disclosed and the suggestions by doctors saved their health for better future.



  • Able to transform more than 2600 Lives through computer training and skill development activities.
  • Successful in running science promotion programs among 4700 school children and 450 women.
  • Free homeopathic treatment to 3500 patients.
  • Enabling 135 children to improve speech through our Speech Correction Centre.
  • Guidance and awareness programmes to 600 Adolescent children.
  • Non formal education to1550 kids to improve learning skills.